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My new favourite face mask

As i have mentioned before i really struggle with oily skin and continuous breakouts. So when i’m searching for a new product it often takes me a few tries of various different ones to find the perfect one to suit my skin.

I have been searching for months to find the perfect face mask that is just right for my skin, because we all love the relaxing feel a face mask gives you. But all the face masks i have used in the past would either make my skin extremely oily or cause me a horrendous breakout. However then i found the Ayesha face mask from Lush.


What does it do?

The mask brightens the face and tightens the skin. However because of the fullers earth the mask also absorbs oil and dirt from the skin. Which is why the mask is great for people suffering with oily/ache skin.


The smell isn’t the best but it isn’t the worst either. To be honest you can’t really smell anything when you have it on. I have used face masks in the past where the smell has genuinely put me off but the Ayesha face mask barely smells at all.

List of ingredients:

  • Fresh kiwi fruit – cleanses and brightens skin;
  • Fresh asparagus – High in nutrients;
  • Fullers earth  (clay) – absorbs dirt & oil;
  • Rosemary oil – relaxes skin and is an antiseptic;
  • Glycerine – softens skin;
  • Kaolin – cleanses and exfoliates dead skin cells;
  • Witch hazel extract – contains antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and astringent properties;
  • Rose absolute – soothing and moisturising; and
  • Elderflower vinegar – natural anti-inflammatory.

The face mask only costs £6.95 and can be purchased from Lush Cosmetics. The mask has genuinely made my face tighter and clearer. The mask is kept in the fridge so it’s lovely and cooling when it is applied to your face.

What’s your favourite face mask and why?


Ellie x


13 thoughts on “My new favourite face mask

    1. Thank-you! I’d definitely recommend it, depending on your skin type there is some great ones you can get from Lush. But Ayesha so far is the best one that has suited my skin x


  1. I love the body shop face masks! They’re just amazing right!
    Didn’t know about this one before and I’ll definitely give it a try – I suffer from oily skin as well :/ also I love the new loreal masks 🙂
    Would be great if you’d check out my blog and if you like it maybe also give me a follow 😉
    xoxo Larissa from


      1. Oh yes right I never thought of this! 🙂 have to test some more of their masks :)) thanks for following! 💋


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