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What are my favourite restaurant chains?

I’m shocked at my self at the fact i have wrote 4 blog posts since creating my blog a few weeks ago and none of them have been focused on food. Food is literally on my brain 24/7!

I love eating out and trying new places, whether they are restaurant chains, local family run restaurants, pubs or solo restaurants. However i thought i would share my favourite restaurant chains with you, so you would have the chance to try them for yourself – depending on where you are located of course. (The list is in no particular order).

1.       Nandos – how cliché, but i have never been to Nandos and had a bad meal – have you? Even though it literally is mainly chicken, the range of options you can have is just right and it isn’t expensive either. I love the fact they have a loyalty card so you can earn yourself free chicken and even a free whole meal after 10 stamps! My favourite is the chicken thighs – mango and lime (I’m a wuss, i know) with creamy mash and garlic bread!


2.       Frankie and Bennys – i think the main menu can be quite expensive, but the food is great!  I particularly enjoy going for the lunch menu, all meals £6.95 and there is decent options to choose from and majority of the prices are halved from what they are in the main menu. You can add a starter and a dessert for £2.50 each! There is unlimited refills on soft drinks and the lunch menu is available Monday – Friday, 11am until 5.30pm – what is there to complain about? My personal favourite is the New Yorker Calzone!

frankie and bennys.PNG

3.       Bella Italia – i loveeeeeeeee Italian food and this restaurant is lovely! Bella Italia do a great NUS student card menu, you can have a pizza or a pasta dish for only £5 and there is 2 for 1 cocktails! However my favourite is the Pollo chicken burger which isn’t on the student card menu unfortunately.  The desserts from here are the best and there is so much to choose from!

bella italia

4.       Rub Smokehouse – unfortunately there is only 2 in the UK at the moment (Birmingham and Nottingham) but hopefully they will open more! Rub is a BBQ restaurant with it routes firmly in the South of the USA and i absolutely love the food! My favourite is the half chicken. Rub do some amazing, strong cocktails – i had Woo Woo is that the sound of the police! The vibe is really funky and different – an overall great experience.



5.       Yo Sushi – i tried sushi for the first time about 2 years ago thinking i wouldn’t like eating raw fish. But i absolutely love it! And i love Yo Sushi!!! I do think it can be quite expensive but on a Monday they do something called Blue Mondays. All dishes on a blue plate are only £2.80 – such a good saving considering what they normally are! But you can still request dishes from the ordinary menu.

yo sushi

Can you think of anymore chain restaurant? Whats your favourite restaurant or recommendations for me to try? I really appreciate any suggestions! 


Ellie x



19 thoughts on “What are my favourite restaurant chains?

  1. The first three are deffinetley three of my favouirtes​ too! Nandos creamy mash is THE BEST and Bella Italia is just so affordable! I love Zizzis, espically ​their pizzas and the Harvester- I’ve never had a bad meal there, even when their oven broke I had a fantastic meal! xx


      1. I know, it’s unheard of that an oven broke in a restaurant haha! I have one really near me so I go a lot! xx


      2. There is one my me too – but it’s always so busy and you have to wait ages for a table, sometimes hours because you can’t book… i’m too impatient when i’m hungry 😦 xx


      3. Oh gosh thats ages! Yes I’m the same, if there’s a line, I don’t go to the restaurant haha! xx


      1. Nandos is lovely isn’t it! And I’d say Bella Italia is my next favourite, the food is so good! or yo sushi but obviously you would have to be a sushi fan for that – hope that helps your decision xx


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