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Glacial Marine Mud face mask

At first i was a little dubious about purchasing this product as i’m sure many of you will have seen sooooo many people trying to sell them on social media. However after seeing so many positive reviews i decided to look into this product further.

I actually brought the product from Amazon for £19, as people that were selling them on social media were charging £25!

Glacial Marine Mud face mask

What i thought of the mask….

Overall i thought the product was great! The mask applies really easily to your face, however i would advice applying it in the bathroom just in case you spill it as the mask is quite runny. Due to the consistency of the mask i left it on my face for around 15-20 minutes.

I was really pleased at how nice it felt once the mask had set, i could feel it really stretching my skin and it felt soooo satisfying, it took approximately 10 minutes to set all over. I also liked the fact that my face didn’t become sore after having the face mask on for a while like some masks do.

The mask was also really easy to remove, despite setting completely hard like clay, you just simply wash you face and it comes straight off. I’ve tried face masks before when you really have to scrub to remove the remaining mask off your face – but the Glacial Marine Mud comes off so easily!

My favourite part about the mask is the face is that you can actually see the mask pulling out the dirt from your pores – which is pretty gross, yet so satisfying!

How my skin was afterwards….

When i woke up the next day the mask had caused me to breakout with 3 spots on my face, the same spots that had been hanging around for a while. But don’t let that put you off – the mask is supposed to bring all the impurities to the surface! So your face will get worse before it gets better.

It was the two days after applying the face mask that i really noticed the difference in my skin. My face was visibly smoother and the blackheads i had hanging around my nose and cheeks were pretty much gone! The spots which i had broken out with had died down and were leaving and my skin felt amazing!

face mask picture mud



I really like the mask and will definitely purchase the product again when i run out! Even though £19 sounds like a lot of money for a face mask, you only apply the slightest amount so you can get around 40 masks out of one tube – which works out about 50p per mask, which is amazing value!

If you do decide to try the Glacial Marine Mud shop around first before purchasing it from the first person you see selling it on Facebook can be expensive, and you can get it much cheaper from sites like Ebay and Amazon.

Have you tried this mask? What were your thoughts?


Ellie x





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