DIY SOS – My princess fairy lights

I brought fairy lights a few months ago, with the intention of hanging them around my bed/room. It was only when they arrived that my brain finally clicked that i have no where around my bed to hang them because of having a solid leather headboard.

I saw various different ideas on Pinterest of how i could hang them in my room including fixing them to the ceiling and fixing them to the curtains, however neither of these were feasible for me. I then decided to give this idea a try – hanging princess lights.

DIY fairy lights which i made to go in my bedroom

I was a little dubious at how my efforts were going to end up at first, however i absolutely love it – it’s perfect for film watching and nights in. 

What i used….

It actually only cost £9.50 to make

  • Fairy lights – two meters – £6
  • Hula Hoop – £2
  • Decorated diamante string – two meters – £1
  • Two small hooks – £0.50

The equipment i used to create DIY fairy lights

What i did…

I nailed the two hooks into my ceiling. I then wrapped the fairy lights around the hula hoop. Once i had finished wrapping all the lights around the hoop i attached the diamante string in four places on the hoop so it would equally balance once i hanged it on the hooks.

I then draped the remaining fairy lights down the side of my curtain rail to ensure i had left enough room to get to the plug. Finally i hung the string onto the hooks ensuring the weight was spread equally.

It took me approximately half an hour to complete and i’m soooo glad i bothered to do it. I can’t wait for winter now to spend all my dark evenings in bed wrapped up!

I actually really enjoyed doing some DIY for once – if you have any questions on how i did it, feel free to leave them below.


Ellie x

13 thoughts on “DIY SOS – My princess fairy lights

  1. Fabulous – I absolutely love this DIY idea for the fairly lights… I’m going to do this to use in my ‘Brilliance Within’ summerhouse – I’ve been looking for an idea of how to put fairly lights in there and this is perfect! Thanks for inspiring!!! xx

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      1. I should of shouldn’t i?…. However part of me is slightly glad that it’s already put up with my lights and it’s too late to embarrass myself haha…. Aww how lovely! puts me to shame too! xx

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Haha – I’m detecting a hint of cowardice… and now I’ve missed out on a good belly laugh!… ah well … I’m just going to have to wait a bit longer for that ’embarrassing moment’ hehe… x

        Liked by 1 person

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