Would i purchase my MAC lipsticks again?

Before purchasing my first MAC lipstick i naively thought a lipstick was just a lipstick, and why would you pay £15.50 when you can buy one for £3?

However i really loved the shade of Velvet Teddy and couldn’t find a similar shade in a cheaper price, so i decided to treat myself…. I was then enlightened as to why you would buy MAC lipsticks -the texture, the unique colours, the way they last!  Since then i have gone on to buy many more, but would i buy them again?

Velvet Teddy

This is probably my favourite out of all my MAC lipsticks, the colour lasts for ages and suits sooo many of my outfits! I would definitely buy this product again – as soon as i run out.Velvet teddy MAC lipstick


I was brought this lipstick as a gift, at first i was a little unsure because it looks bright purple in the packaging! But i actually really love it – it’s a perfect Autumn/Winter shade, so i can’t wait to start wearing it again! I love how long the colour stays on your lips too without staining them. Yes, i would purchase this lipstick again.

Rebel MAC lipstick


I do like this lipstick. However it is very similar to Velvet Teddy, just slightly more pink and if i had to choose i prefer the way Velvet Teddy looks. So no i wouldn’t purchase this lipstick again.

Brave MAC lipstick


Tropic Tonic

I brought this lipstick at the airport for my holiday, it’s such a summery shade! I love it!! In the packaging it does look quite orange but thankfully it’s not as bright as you think when it’s on your lips. I would buy this lipstick again – but i would only wear it in the summer months.

Tropic Tonic MAC lipstick

Fast Play

I do like this lipstick colour, but it is a pretty standard colour so it would be quite easy to find a dupe in the drug store for a lot cheaper, and for that reason i wouldn’t purchase this lipstick again from MAC.

Fast Play MAC lipstick

Hot Gossip

This was my second MAC lipstick and i do really like it. But the colour isn’t that unique so it would be quite easy to find a cheaper lipstick to replace it. So for that reason i wouldn’t purchase this lipstick again.

Hot gossip MAC lipstick

All fired up

I love this colour! It’s so unique and i think it would be difficult to find a replacement dupe in a cheaper brand. The colour lasts ages on my lips but it doesn’t stain them like some red lipsticks so. I’ve been wearing this colour all summer, but i do think you need some kind of tan to wear it. I would definitely purchase this lipstick again as soon as i run out!!!

All fired up MAC lipstick

I think the decision of whether you should i repurchase a lipstick is a completely subjective decision. Which MAC lipstick should i try next? What is your favourite? I’d love to know!

Please see my previous blog post regarding how to get a free MAC lipstick.

Be careful when purchasing MAC lipsticks online because the pictures on their website for some of the lipsticks are not a good representation of what they really look like. In my opinion if it’s your first time buying a certain lipstick to physically try it first to avoid disappointment.


Ellie x




23 thoughts on “Would i purchase my MAC lipsticks again?

    1. Thank-you! I’ve heard some good reviews about snob, i think i’m definately going to have to check that one out! I don’t actually have a Viva Glam but again i’ve heard some good reviews, which would you say is the best colour out of those? X

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  1. I am that person who thinks £15.50 is expensive for a lipstick lol but I have always wanted a MAC shade. I nearly bought Diva, and I had the money for it too, but when I went to buy it they had sold out! typical. Great tips on the shades, I like the look of the teddy shade, and I’m glad MAC lipsticks last, because Im terrible for forgetting to top up my lipstick!

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    1. I always used to before i brought my first one! I used to think £15.50 was way overpriced…. then i brought one and became addicted…. My friends has Diva and loves it!!

      Thank-you! Thats the great thing with MAC the lipsticks colours do genuinely last ages! X

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