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What are the best Lush products?

A lush post – i know, how clichè… But i really have found some fantastic products recently from Lush that i want to share with you all!

I have been using Lush for many years, mainly just the bath bombs, but it has only recently that i have looked into all the wonderful other products that they offer.

The best products i have brought from Lush;

  1. BIG shampoo – “To make you feel like a mermaid”
    This shampoo is AMAZING, it’s a volumising shampoo made with seaweed and sea salt. The sea salt softens and volumises the hair, whilst the seaweed strengths the hair. The shampoo also has fresh lemon and lime juice to freshen and cleanse hair.BIG Lush shampoo - Review of the best lush products
  2. RUB RUB RUB shower scrub“Freshly scrubbed”
    My skin feels sooooo smooth after this product! It is an exfoliating shower scrub which contains sea salts and natural antiseptics. It has a fresh, clean smell which Smells amazing. You can really feel it scrubbing away dead skin and dirt, which feels fantastic!
    Lush RUB RUB RUB shower scrub - a review of the best Lush products
  3. Salted coconut hand scrub – “Take your hands to paradise”
    This product really does what it says on the tub, it completely transforms the skin on my hands. Sea salt is a great exfoliant and the coconut softens and moisturises the skin. I personally think it smells a little like playdough, but i love it! Especially in the summer i suffer with my palms getting hot and this scrub definitely solves this problem. I also use this product to get rid of the rough skin from the gym.
    salted coconut lush hand scrub. Reviewing the best lush products
  4. Ayesha face mask – “Fresh asparagus and kiwi to perk up your skin”
    As mentioned in a previous blog post i love the Ayesha face mask! The mask brightens the face and tightens the skin. The fullers earth in the mask also absorbs oil and dirt from the skin. Which is why the mask is great for people suffering with oily/ache skin. It really suits my skin and i can visibly see the difference.
    Ayesha face mask Lush. Reviews of the best products from lush
  5. Herbalism face wash – Balanced and Revitalised skin”
    Nettles, rosemary and rice bran vinegar work to cleanse the skin, removing dirt and grease, leaving skin bright and beautifully clean. The only downside to this product i personally think is the smell, it smells strong of vinegar. However the smell does not last long and i wouldn’t let this put you off using the product. The wash has helped my ache prone skin clear itself up massively.
    Herbalism face wash lush. Review of the best lush productsI’d love to know what your favourite Lush product is? I’m really keen to try other new products.

    If you often buy from Lush you might want to check out a previous blog post of mine which explains how you can get free face masks from Lush.

    Ellie x


73 thoughts on “What are the best Lush products?

  1. Ocean Salt, all day & all night. It’s definitely worth the money. Mask of Magnaminty is as good as Glam Glow’s super mud mask & a whole lot cheaper! Jasmine & Henna Fluff Ease hair treatment makes my hair so nice! Ask for samples of all these. And if your skin is dry or your neck starts to feel saggy, Full of Grace serum bar.

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      1. employees got a 50% discount. i was just ready to get out of retail work but i do kinda miss that!! it’s good for evening out skin tone and exfoliating & maybe even blackheads but it would probably be irritating on white heads.

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      1. Thank you! Definitely will. I’m in need of some new things to try (but when am I not? Haha! 😂) and Lush is on that list!

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      1. I haven’t tried any of the products but its a great post and i like the look of ‘feeling younger’ and the bath bomb! Is there any products you want to try from Lush? X

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      1. Yes I have. Currently I am in love with their massage bars. I like “soft coeur” it’s small which makes it portable. I usually use it on my dry elbows now that it’s fall. I have also tried their pink peppermint foot cream but not a big fan of it. I like l’occitane’s foot cream much better.

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  2. I currently use Ultrabland and one of their lip scrubs as a twice a week ritual! When I first started using LUSH, my favourite was Angels on Bare Skins cleanser (would love to buy it again sometime) and there’s also a mask called Mask of Magnaminty or something that’s really good! 🙂

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    1. Oooo i haven’t heard of the angels on bare skin cleanser – i’ll have to keep my eyes open for that! You could spend a fortune in Lush couldn’t you with all the lovely products X


  3. Big Blue is my favourite bath bomb,
    Brightside fave bubble bar,
    the Olive Branch/Happy Hippy fave shower gel,
    Hair care – Big/I love juicy/Seanik/Roots
    Body – probably rub rub rub!

    & face care literally everything haha I have used all the products and they are amazing!! fab blog post XX

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      1. Big Blue is insanely good,
        This is what I wrote on an old post about it, and should give you some info –
        “Big Blue has always been a favourite of mine! As a product it packs in so much arame seaweed. This is softening and detoxifying as it is naturally rich in minerals and vitamins. It also has a sprinkling of fine sea salt. This works as an exfoliate that throroughly cleanses the skin without removing natural oils! The salt also has an antiseptic property meaning it can help to heal wounds and make skin glow. Big Blue is also very good friends with lemon oil, which too has antibacterial properties to brighten the skin. Finally lavender oil makes an appearance, this is an essential oil actually used medically due to having even more good antiseptic qualities, meaning it is great for healing damaged skin.
        Lush suggest this bath bomb is capable of settling metabolisms, clearing the mind, and healing damaged skin. & I couldn’t agree more! Each time I have had this bomb I have physically and mentally felt better, it’s like you can feel the floating seaweed do its magic!
        So…as well as having such a beautiful and calm colouration, as well as holding a fresh and clean smell.”

        If you love BIG – have you tried the solid conditioner to match? It’s the only set (I know of) I find it difficult to use, but when it does co-operate it can leave hair feeling just like the shampoo does. I often use them together.

        & ahh rub rub rub, have you tried both the solid and liquid versions? If you like the solid – there’s a Christmassy bar called ‘Salt and Peppermint Bark Scrub.’ It’s the same kind of texture but way more effective in my opinion than rub rub rub. Smells so unique as well, check it out! Xx

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      2. I really like the sound of big blue, i’m going to have a look tomorrow when i’m in Lush! I haven’t tried the solid conditioner, would you recommend it?

        ooooo i’m definately going to be looking for salt and peppermint bark scrub! Sounds fab!

        Thanks for such a great and informative comment!! Xx


      3. I use the solid conditioner, but I don’t know – it’s not so effective for me, it doesn’t scrub very well so It seems to get stuck in the hair a bit which makes the process long, when it does work its great and just adds to the overall Big hair feeling, but meh…it’s not my fave i’ll be honest haha. & you definitely should it is so so nice


  4. My favourite lush product by far is Ultrabland! It is full of honey so it is an antiseptic, and literally melts away the makeup from your skin whilst leaving it lovely and nourished, not like those harsh chemicals you get in other cleansers that completely dry out your skin! I would highly recommend if you haven’t yet tried it!
    Also I have a couple of Lush reviews on my page, one being a bath bomb and then another the Lush Spa , I would love if you could check them out and let me know what you think! 🙂
    Great post!!

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  5. I am in love with the BIG shampoo, it smells great and makes my hair feel so exfoliated while I’m rubbing it in, but when I wash it out it makes it go all knotted and tangled, and its a nightmare to brush out. Do you get this problem when using it or is its just my hair haha, I’m hoping there’s some sort of solution because I absolutely love the smell and the texture, and it would be a shame if I have to stop using it xxx

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    1. I found this happened to me, and when the bits from the shampoo drop into the shower it actually hurts my feet to tread on it….. To stop the extreme knotting, i brush my hair whilst im still in the shower with the BIG shampoo still in my hair and then rinse it out, i’ve found you still get the same effects but it stops you’re hair getting really matted xxx


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