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Would i recommend Gourmet Burger Kitchen?

I’m a massive foodie. I pretty much love all kinds of food and i’m always trying new places, so if you have any recommendations for me please comment them below.

On Thursday me and a friend, who i hadn’t seen in months, went shopping and to Gourmet Burger Kitchen (GBK). Prior to this visit i hadn’t ever been to GBK before.

What i thought of Gourmet Burger Kitchen

We were greeted at the door by a friendly, welcoming young man, who seated us at a table of our choice. Whilst walking over to the table, i noticed how modern and unique the restaurant decor was, which i love to see in new restaurants.

The menu is fantastic, there is an excellent amount to choose from. There is all different types of meat including chicken, beef, lamb and veggie. I had the Classic Chicken burger, with sweet potato fries. It was without a doubt the best burger i have ever had, and believe me i’ve had plenty… I also tried my friends Taxi beef burger, which was really nice but i do prefer chicken burgers.

I downloaded the app prior to ordering my food so that i could gain the rewards from my visits, similar to a Nandos card. The app also alerts you on various different offers GBK have on, such as two burgers for £10 – which i have no idea how i’m going to resist now i’ve been!!!

There is also a huge selection of sauces to choose from which you order with your meal. The sauces are lovely! I had the baconnaise and garlic mayo, and because i downloaded the GBK app i got them both for free.

I wouldn’t say the price is too expensive. My meal including drinks came to £15. However i do think the drinks are a little pricey particularly for alcohol, but i would not complain about the price of the food – you definitely get what you pay for!

What i thought of Gourmet Burger Kitchen

There isn’t that many GBK around, you can check where your closest one is on their wesbite. Since Thursday i haven’t stopped thinking about how and when i can next go to GBK….. After one visit I think i’m addicted! 

Have you ever been to GBK? Did it have the same effect on you? Or have you tried any recommendable restaurants lately? I’d love to know….


Ellie x



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