Mexican food

What i thought of Chimichanga…

I’m really into Mexican food at the moment but unfortunately where i live the only Mexican restaurant closeby is Chiquitos, which i’m not a massive fan of due to many poor experiences.

So, whilst on my Christmas shopping trip to Telford, West Midlands i took the chance to try Chimichanga for the first time.

What did i think?

We were greeted at the door by a lovely waitress who took us to the table. My first thought of the restaurant was that it was bright, clean and modern.

Once seated at the table, the waitress gave us suggestions of her favourite meals off the menu, which i thought was a genuine nice touch.

The food…

My mom chose from the lunch time menu, she had two courses for £9.95. Considering the size of both portions, it is such a good offer!

Me and my mom shared the nachos starter, which was plenty for two people, thank goodness i didn’t order it for myself!

For the mains, i had the chicken enchiladas. No exaggeration they were by far the best chicken enchiladas i have ever had. They were slightly spicy, but i could smell and taste lime which went really well with the spices. My mom had the Mexican paella, it was such a generous portion without making you feel extremely bloated afterwards. I also had a side of fries, which were crispy but full of taste.

What i thought of Chimichanga

So, overall…

I would rate my overall experience 9/10 and i would recommend anyone to visit this restaurant if they have the chance. My only wish is that there was a restaurant closer to where i live so i go there more often.

Have you ever been to Chimichanga? If so what did you think? Or do you have any suggestions of restaurants that i should try?


Ellie x

11 thoughts on “What i thought of Chimichanga…

  1. That restaurant sounds so good! I’d really like to try the chicken enchiladas that you had, and the nachos before that! The price is a great thing too. If only I didn’t live over in Sweden (haven’t heard of the restaurant so I don’t think there is one in my country). But if I ever go to Telford, West Midlands, I’ll definetily try it!

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    1. What is your favourite from Chimichangas? I know, i even tried Chiquots again after writing this blog post simply because of how much i love Mexican but again i really wasn’t impressed at all 😦 Yeah of course i’ll check it out now X

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