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New years resolutions…

I’m not really one for the “new year, new me”. However, i do have a few goals and there are some minor things that i have been wanting to change/thinking about changing for a while now. So i thought i may as well use the new year as an excuse to set them and really motivate myself to achieve what i set.

1. Read more 

I do really enjoy reading books, i enjoy the way you drift away. But over the whole of 2016 i think i made time to read about 3 books, if that. So i shall make more time for myself to read – Any suggestions?

2. Stick to my gym plans 

I have always had an interest in fitness, i joined my gym about 8 months ago. i do go a few times a week but not religiously, i’ll get myself into a pattern and then i won’t go for two weeks. I have no idea why my motivation just stops sometimes. My excuse to myself has been the cold weather. But i’m going to make more of an effort to sticking to going a certain amount of times a week and creating exercise plans for myself to do whilst i’m there. Any recommendations of exercise workouts?

3. Make more time for me

Before i broke up for Christmas i found myself becoming a robot. I’d go to work early in the morning, work all day, get home, have my tea, waste time, and then go to bed. I haven’t been spending my free time wisely. It’s not even the fact that i don’t have the time, i do work a lot but if i planned my free time i could look after myself more. Whether it be that i do my nails, have a bath, put on a face mask.

4. Treat/appreciate my mum more

My mom is my best friend! But i am guilty of letting her do too much for me, especially now i’ve moved back from uni for a while. I do appreciate everything that she does for me and it’s not like i’m ever rude to her, we get on really well. But maybe i could go out of my way a little bit more like she does to give her a rest. It’s so easy to fall into the circle of letting our parents do too much for us without even realising it.

5. Get out my comfort zone

I really want to start seeing the world more but constantly my excuse is to myself that i don’t really have anyone to travel with or that i don’t really have the time. I break up from my university placement in July, i really want to get out of my comfort zone and go traveling, whether it be by myself. Anyone solo traveled before? 

6. Enjoy life more

My final one is a little cliche, however,  the last few months i’ve been wishing my life away. I broke up with my long term boyfriend in the summer, and since then i’ve felt a little lost. Sounds silly, but i seemed to enjoy day by day more than what i do now. I find myself wishing for Christmas to come quicker or summer to be here and i’m not fully appreciating the journey. So i intend to look for the positives in each day, rather than wishing my life away to the next big event i have planned.

Sun setting over Sorrento

Have any suggestions of what other new years resolutions could be? Or have you set any personal resolutions or achievements for 2017? I’d love to know them!!


Ellie x



10 thoughts on “New years resolutions…

  1. I love how well rounded this is! The appreciate your Mom more is such a great thing to aim for, my Mom goes out of her way to do anything and everything for me even though I don’t live at home and it’s so easy to take that for granted. I may be borrowing this one!
    For workouts I recommend, it’s an online resource for workouts you can do in the space in your own home so it really cuts down any reason your might have not to work out. I personally know I would never make fitness a habit if I had to physically move myself to a gym haha! I hope you can meet all your goals this year!

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    1. Thank-you! It’s so easy too though, i think we are all guilty of it! I hadn’t heard of that website before i’m going to check it out now. Thank-you for your lovely comment, i hope you meet all your goals too!

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  2. One of my new year’s resolutions is reading more as well! I’m specifically reading more life advice and encouraging/ testominal books if that makes sense because that essentially the type of book I want to write in the future.
    I had another resolution to deactivate my social media for a good 5 months… yeah that didn’t really turn out well hahaha 😂 but I haven’t been on Snapchat at all so I guess slow and steady wins the race right? Lol

    Lovely post!
    Nikki O

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    1. Ahh i think i could do with reading more books like that, i really need to stop reading books that make me cry so much hahah…. Awww i don’t have snapchat either – but you’re definately right slow and steady does win the race…. Thank-you for the comment and I hope you reach all your goals in 2017 Xxx


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