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My new favourite fake tan

I don’t actually use fake tan that much unless i’m going out for a special occasions or my outfit requires me to look more tanned. However i’ve been using a new fake tan for around 2 months now as i wanted to be definitely certain that i love it before recommending it on my blog.

I went about two years without using any fake tan at all, due to the fact that i hate the vile smell most tans have, i get really frustrated with patchyness when the tan is wearing off and i hate how stupidly orange you can look. I’ve tried many fake tans in the past such as Fake Bake, St Tropez, St Moriz, Johnsons, Rimmel and l’oréal. Some of which aren’t cheap at all!! But i just haven’t been completely happy with them.

Fake tan GIF image

My friend recommended me to try the fairly new Cocoa Brown 1 hour Mousse by Marissa Carter, at first i was a little dubious due to my past experiences with using fake tan but i had a party to go to and i thought i’d give it a try. I definitely wasn’t disappointed.

Cocoa Brown by Marissa Carter literally ticks all the boxes:

  • Applies easily;
  • Is a nice bronze colour NOT ORANGE;
  • Doesn’t have the typical fake tan smell – actually smells quite nice;
  • fades fairly evenly without making you look really patchy; and
  • Isn’t expensive – especially in comparison with other brands.

Here is a before and after of applying only one layer:

The picture’s above are not edited in anyway. The tanned picture (Picture 2) is taken straight after i get out of the shower, bare in mind that the tan will continue to develop a little more over night!  Because i love being dark and bronzed i buy the dark option, but there is a lighter shade bottle too.

Cocoa Brown 1 Hour Tan Mousse

The tan applies really easy and doesn’t have a vile smell, like many of the fake tans i have used. If anything i think it smells of watermelon. After applying the fake tan wait approximately 1 hour before washing off the excess in the shower (the insturctions are on the back of the bottle). The tan lasts approximately 5-7 days and fades evenly if you are moisturising and exfoliating your skin regularly.

You can build up the layers for a darker look and you don’t feel like you need to scrub off the left overs from the previous application when you use it the next time – which is a huge bonus. As with many of the other fake tans i have used, i have made my skin extremely sore scrubbing off remains so i don’t look like i have some kind of patchy skin condition.

The full price is £7,99 from Superdrug. But keep your eyes open for offers as they often have 3 for 2 on Cocoa Brown products or buy one get one half price, so it’s definitely worth stocking up.

So if you are searching for a fake tan that not only doesn’t smell vile but applies easily and gives you a lovely, healthy glow, then i would definitely recommend this product! It is by far the best fake tan i have ever used! 

If you have any other recommendations worth trying i’d love to hear them – i’m especially keen to try a good face fake tan as i’m yet to find one suitable for sensitive skin. 


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11 thoughts on “My new favourite fake tan

  1. I use fake tan only at the beginning of dinner so my legs and arms wouldn’t look like China glazed but the final smell is always so offputing. Watermellon sounds nice though, does it last even after the tan develops?

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    1. I’m exactly the same, the smell of most fake tans and the sticky feel is horrendous… i actually forget i’m wearing it apart from the fact i’m darker. The smell? Once you go in the shower it fades quite a lot especially if you use moisturisers. X

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  2. It sounds like a good one and a really great price too! I’ve tried quite a few fake tans, but I always go back to St Tropez Bronzing Mousse, expensive but a good colour and the scent is ok.

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  3. This looks good! I’m so pale so struggle finding a tan that doesn’t make me look orange! Will have to give this a go, I’ve never heard of this brand either so glad I came across this! Currently only use fake bake flawless as every other tanner I’ve tried gives me a rash!! But for that price I will definitely give this one a go! Btw.. loving your blog! xx

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    1. Honestly it’s great, it doesn’t wash off streaky either not matter if you exfoliate your skin. i used to use Fake Bake, but it can get sooooo expensive – hope you love this brand as much as i do, Aww thanks chick xx


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