Cute new room accessories

Over the last week or so i haven’t been able to stop myself from purchasing cute accessories for my bedroom. My room is currently mainly grey with a black and white feature wall, so it can be difficult sometimes to find accessories that match my room.

1. Sausage dog ring holder

I have an endless amount of rings, so i’ve been looking for somewhere to keep my special ones for a while now. I absolutely love sausage dogs, so when i saw this on Avon’s website i could help but purchase it. If you know where you can purchase other Dachshund accessories from i’d love to know!

Sausage dog ring holder from Avon

2. Three pink cacti

I’ve wanted a cactus for ages, i find them fascinating. They look so clean but still make fab decorations. Because i brought a pack of pink ones i shall be keeping them in my bedroom, but i do want to get a larger one for my kitchen.

I brought them from Ikea for only £4.50. I particularly love the one in the middle, as it looks like rabbit ears!

Three pink cacti

3. Unicorn jewellery holder

Unicorn accessories, along with Dachshund accessories, are something else that i can’t resist and for £2.50 from Primark i definitely had to purchase it. Recently, Primark home sector has sold some beautiful things, have you brought anything from there recently?

Unicorn ring holder

4. Owl candle

I absolutely love candles, but i don’t think i’ll ever be lighting this one, it’s far too cute! I brought this from Matalan for £1 in the sale! How could i not?

Owl candle from matalan

I’m really into purchasing accessories for the home at the moment. Where do you purchase your home accessories from? Do you have any favourite home shops? I’d love to know!


Ellie x

38 thoughts on “Cute new room accessories

      1. I’ve been finding bits and bobs from kiki k, some cheapies from k-mart that were marble and surprisingly nice. Etsy is always a good place to browse 🙂 xx

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    1. Good luck! I spotted this one at the back of one of the shelves so have a good search, you know what Primark is like… I’ve got a moneybox which is a unicorn too from New Look! X


  1. I love to have a good snoop around the primark home section, I was going to get that unicorn trinket tray but when I went to get it they’d ran out 😕 but I saw another in the sale that I loved and got that instead. It has a teal plate with a gold stag head, the antler are good for hanging rings on. The Range is good for home accessories in my opinion, they have some lovely soft throw blankets. I have a lilac one from there and it is so so soft! B&M can be good for home stuff too! Especially at the prices, I recently went onto the website and I saw a double flannelette duvet set for, I kid you not, £1! I’m dying to get to the store in the hope I can get a set.

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    1. Ahhh i didn’t see that one, it sounds lovely! I love the range, you could spend ages walking round and looking at all the different things they do. B&M is so good too! No way that’s such a good deal. Home bargains is nice for home things too, it’s similar to B&M for the randomness but good prices!

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      1. I definitely could! I do love to have a look around Home Bargains! I could easily spend too much money in B&M and Primark! I like getting candles from B&M, I did a blog post about cheap candles including some from there. 🙂

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      1. I kind of just pick them up as i go, but my favorite thing is probably my dachshund draught stopper which is from Next… unfortunately its been ripped apart by my actual dachshund haha x


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