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Struggling to get rid of spots?

I’m now approaching 21 and the majority of my friends have completely gotten over their ache teenage skin years and their make-up looks flawless with their beautiful clear skin. But as selfish as it sounds but the better their skin started to look the worse i felt about my own.

Ever since i was a young girl, i’ve really struggled with spots. Over the years i have literally spend a fortune on trying to find products that will help my skin or help me get rid of spots. It’s so frustrating purchasing so many products, not knowing if they will even help your skin, but when you’re desperate you will try anything right?

For about a year i was debating with myself whether i should try Proactiv. A couple of my friends recommended me to try the Proactiv’s 3 step to clear skin kit. But after reading reviews online i was not convinced and i was put off by the price. £50 is a lot of money for a student to pay for something, especially if i didn’t know if it was going to work or not. However, my skin nor my confidence was not getting any better so i thought i’d give it a go!

Proactiv three step to clear skin

But at first i saw no signs what so ever of my skin improving and i felt like i had been robbed of my money. However, It does say on the instructions that you may not see any improvements until the very end of the 6 weeks course. I kept telling myself that it wasn’t a quick fix that my skin needed it was a permanent one, and that i should be patient.

Due to the fact that it’s your own skin i don’t really think you notice the improvements until people start to point them out to you. And as stupid as it sounds i was so used to trying to avoid looking closely at my skin because of how embarrassed and upset i was about it. By about week 5 i started getting compliments on my skin on how healthy it looked and how soft and clear it was. It wasn’t till then that i actually had a proper good look at myself in the mirror that i realised i basically had no spots what so ever anymore, just a couple of ache scares on my cheeks, which i’m still trying to get rid of so any tips is appreciated. But other than that my skin was basically clear!!!

I’m now on my second course of Proactiv, as i don’t think my skin is ready just yet to be without it, and the fact that i love how it makes my skin feel. You can purchase the Proactiv course from many different places, but i tend to buy it from Boots as you can collect advantage points and quite often the 6 weeks course of Proactive is reduced from £50 to £36. 

Now i appreciate that just because Proactiv worked for me it doesn’t mean it will work for everyone else. But i spent over a year deciding whether i should try it or not, mainly because i was put off by the price and i didn’t realise that the products were stocked in Boots. In hindsight i definitely wouldn’t of taken so long to purchase Proactiv!!


Ellie x

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