Thinking out loud


So, after a while of not blogging i have decided to make a return as i’m really missing it at the moment. But for a while i’ve just been super busy and haven’t really found time to sit down and write and know that i could do the same in a few days time without leaving huge gaps between blog posts.

So where have i been? I have been on a years full time placement from university which obviously has taken up a lot of my time but the last few months i’ve really dedicated myself to the gym and catching up with friends and exploring new places in my remaining spare time.

I also wanted to rethink the type of things i was posting as i was struggling to post something different and most importantly something that someone would actually want to read.

Quite a few of my previous posts were focused on make up, but because i’m trying to save money and use up what i already have i actually haven’t purchased any new make up since around March…

Shocked gif

I used to pretty much buy something make up related once sometimes twice a week, which is actually pretty ridiculous when you have no where to put it when you get home because your draws are already rammed with make up… However, the money i’ve saved is amazing it’s crazy how it mounts up!

So what will i be posting about? I will be sticking to the beauty, travel, food and fashion theme but at the moment i’m really into bargains! Who doesn’t enjoy finding a bargain? So i should imagine quite a few of my blogs will have that theme.

I’m really loving Primark at the moment! I absolutely love watching Primark hauls on YouTube! I could literally watch them for hours – not sure how sad i sound writing that. I’d love to film my own, but i really don’t think i’d be that good at them, plus i don’t really have a camera i’d film them on…. (if you film YouTube Primark hauls leave your account below and i’ll definitely check them out)

I’m starting to ramble – so i’m going to cut this blog here, but if you’re not already give me a follow and keep a watch out for my new blog posts coming.


Ellie x



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