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Bargain, Bargain, Bargain!

Who doesn’t love a bargain, right? 

Up until a few months ago i used to buy all my clothes from shops like River Island, Topshop, Miss Selfridge, Zara and New Look. However we all know they’re not exactly the cheapest whilst you’re a student and supposedly trying to save your money. I knew i needed to stop spending as much but i absolutely love shopping!

I started seeing so many YouTubers uploading Primark haul videos and after giving a few of them a watch i actually really liked the kind of things they were showing. Obviously i had been in Primark before but i’d of never of thought to go to Primark if i needed a new dress to go out in or a winters coat for example but i literally love everything at the moment!! 

And when i thought the prices of Primark couldn’t get any cheaper i discovered the sales, i’ve been able to get a dress for £1!! I wouldn’t even get those kind of prices if i were to buy the dress from a charity shop.

I read in the news not long ago that the sales in Primark have increase by 22%, potentially all from me…

So if you’re interested in seeing the kind of things i get from Primark and the bargains i stop, then give my blog a follow!


Ellie x

p.s – all of my opinions are my own, i have not been paid in any way to promote Primark, i genuinely just love it.


4 thoughts on “Bargain, Bargain, Bargain!

  1. Primark is so underrated! They have some AMAZING items, like, seriously… I definitely don’t like all of their stock, but they have plenty of gems to find 🙂 Honestly, it would be rare to see me shopping for clothes anywhere else these days!

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    1. Very true, they have some random odd things but I guess so does every store these days. I think the quality of their products is amazing for the money. Me too! I love it, I actually look forwards to going 😂

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