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Shoe sale!

Is there really anything better than a shoe sale?? 

I brought all these shoes around a week ago, all of which were in the sale. I’ve had chance to wear them all long enough to give them all a fair review.

What did i buy?

All of the following shoes were brought from Primark.

Number 1 

how pretty are these? 

I was so excited to see these in the sale, there were only two pairs left neither of which were in my size (size 5). So i tried on the size 4 just in case and they fit perfectly! So if you do find these in your local Primark i would recommend you trying them on, because like me you may find you need a smaller size.

Red heel sliders

What i’d wear them with – I’m seeing red everywhere at the moment and i love it! I wore these for food and drinks last Friday with a pair of cigarette trousers and a blouse. What i like about these is they can either be casual or smart, it’s up to you.

Comfort – 4.5/5 –  I don’t usually wear high stiletto heels, and my average heel size isn’t huge (btw i don’t mean that i wear kitten heels lol) but i was pleased at how comfy these were all night. They are meant to be wide fit, but i have quite narrow feet and they were touching the sides of my feet so i’m not quite sure how i’d get on if my feet were any wider.

Price – £6 reduced from £12!

Number 2 

i love how unusual they are! 

Again i didn’t get my usual size in these either, this time i had to go up to a size 6, so again if you see these i’d recommend trying them on as my heel was hanging out the back in size 5.

What i’d wear them with – There is no right or wrong answer with these, but personally i’ll be wearing these to work with black trousers or a skirt.

Comfort – 4/5 –  I did like wearing them and they were comfy but you do have to hold on to them with your feet whilst walking to stop them flying off. However, that may be because i have quite narrow feet, if my feet were wider they might not feel as loose.

Price – £3 reduced from £8!

Number 3 

Princess shoes!!! 

I have been trying to find these for ages after seeing them around a month ago in store but not in my size. I brought these in a size 5 – the only pair they had left, they were literally meant for me!

What i’d wear them with – I really, really love these but i doubt i’ll wear them very often. When i do wear them it will be more than likely with a light pink flowy skirt or a dress.

Comfort – 3.5/5 –  They are beautiful but unfortunately the buckle around the ankle catches a little if you have it too tight. I still love them though and i wouldn’t class them as uncomfortable, just not as comfy as others i purchased – so don’t let me put you off.

Price – £3 – despite being willing to pay the full price of £8.

Number 4 

I love the Chinese vibes

I saw a pair very similar to these in Debenhams around April time, but i’m pretty sure they were priced at £25 or £30. All the shoes had different patterns on so it took me ages to find a pair where i liked the pattern on both shoes, most people would of just picked up the first pair they saw, but not me opps…

What i’d wear them with – I personally think they’re the perfect shoes to turn a plain and casual outfit into something quite pretty. So i’d probably be wearing these with jeans and a t-shirt or perhaps a plain shirt or blouse.

Comfort – 4.5/5 –  I’m actually quite impressed with them, i’ve brought these style of shoes before in the past from River Island but they have never really sat well on my ankle which can cause blisters when walking, but these seem to sit tight enough everywhere without being too tight that they’re uncomfortable.

Price – £3 reduced from £8!

Number 5

I liked the pink ones that much i brought the blue… 

So, i may well have gone back the next day after wearing the pink ones and purchased the blue ones because i was so impressed. Again, all of these had different patterns, so i went through all of the shoes until i found my favourite patterned pair.

What i’d wear them with – Again, i’d say the same as what i said for the pink ones. I think this kind of shoe is great for turning plain outfits into something much prettier.

Comfort – 4.5/5 –  I love how comfy they are for the money.

Price – £3 reduced from £8!

I honestly don’t think a girl can ever have enough pairs of shoes. My collection is absolutely huge but i still don’t think i have a pair that covers all possible outfit choices so i just can’t help but buy more, especially when they’re as cheap as what i found.

Have you seen a great shoe sale lately? Let me know, i’d love to check it out.


Ellie x

P.s – All opinions expressed in this blog post, as always, are my own.

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