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I’m dreaming of a Lush Christmas…

I am beyond excited for the Lush 2017 Christmas products to be released into shops and i’m sure i’m not the only one. I made the stupid mistake last year of not stocking up on products, snow fairy in particular, to last me the year. I won’t be making the same mistake this year!

In many of the different products Lush are releasing they have introduced ‘naked’ products, which basically means there is no packaging used. So the shower gel and body conditioner no longer come in black tubs, they are in solid form. But you can still purchase the black tubs if you prefer. The naked concept is trying to reduce waste as much as possible.

What’s on Lush’s Christmas 2017 products list?

Snow fairy – Of course snow fairy is making an appearance again this year. This year snow fairy will be in a various number of different forms. If you weren’t already familiar with snow fairy, it has a sweet and lingering fragrance.

“The Snow Fairy welcomes you to her bon-bon sweet kingdom, with cleansing candyfloss clouds, a bubble gum breeze and luxurious lustre-filled lathers to put you at ease. Summon it in the shower, morning, noon or night, and be filled with comfort, joy and delight.”

  1. Snow fairy sprinkle jar – £6.95
  2. Snow fairy jelly bomb – £4.95
  3. Snow fairy naked body conditioner – £8.25
  4. Snow fairy magic wand – reusable bubble bar – £5.95
  5. Snow fairy shower gel – £8.50 for 250g
  6. Snow fairy fun – £6.25
  7. Snow fairy naked shower gel – £8.25 for 240g
  8. Snow fairy body conditioner – £8.50 for 100g
  9. Snow fairy cold pressed soap – £5.95

Lush 2017 Christmas products

Christingle – this is another product that is making a return. I absolutely loved this last year. It literally makes your skin tingle with peppermint, it smells amazing and you feel so fresh after using it.

“Tingle bells”

  1. Christingle body conditioner – £9.95 per 100g
  2. Christingle naked body conditioner – £9.75

Christmas 2017 Lush products

Bubbly/Buck’s Fizz – these products are made with sweet orange and lime oils, to create the buck’s fizz smell.

Cracking Christmas open with a bang”

  1. Bubbly shower gel – £9.95
  2. Buck’s Fizz body conditioner – £8.95 per 100g
  3. Buck’s Fizz naked body conditioner – £8.75

christmas lush products 2017

Bath bombs/bubble bars i’m super excited for:

  1. My two front teeth bubble bar– £3.95 – made with vanilla and lavender.
  2. Star light star bright bath melt – £4.25 – made with lime, ginger and almond.
  3. Golden wonder bath bomb – £4.50 – made with lime and sweet orange.
  4. Luxury Lush pudding bath bomb – £4.50 – made with lavender and ylang ylang.
  5. Christmas eve bubble bar – £3.95 – made with ylang ylang oil and jasmine.
  6. Plum snow bubble bar – £5.95 – made with petitgrain oil and mandarin oil.
  7. Christmas sweater bath bomb – £4.50 – made with ginger and coriander oil.

2017 Lush christmas products

I always start using my Lush Christmas products around November time and then up until Christmas and i cannot wait to start. Please let me know which of the products you’re excited for!


Ellie x




15 thoughts on “I’m dreaming of a Lush Christmas…

  1. Ugh, I still have SO MANY Lush products in my Lush stash (mostly from stocking up during the Boxing Day sale last year,) that I’m not really excited to purchase anything Lush at the minute honestly… I literally have so many products to get through – I won’t even be done by time Christmas has come and gone! Note to self for future – DON’T hoard Lush products, buy them as you want to use them as they are best fresh!

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    1. This was my problem earlier this year when new things came out for Mother’s Day and Easter, there was no way I could purchase anymore 😩 at least you’ll know for the future I guess? I tried to get on the website for Boxing Day sale but didn’t manage it 😭😭

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Aw sorry to hear that! I must say that I do feel glad that I have so much soap/shower gels/lotions/bath bombs that I won’t need to buy anything for a long time – get to save my money this winter I guess!

        Liked by 1 person

      2. So much! I was gifted a £100 gift card from my partner, and everything in the sale was half price – I spent everything on the gift card and I think around £20-£30 extra too! So around £240-£260 worth of Lush D:

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  2. I love Lush at Christmas time! It’s by far my favourite collection of their products and I’m so excited to see so many new things to try this year – although I am a bit disappointed about some of the stuff that hasn’t returned! Still, cannot wait to stock up!
    Beth x

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I’m most excited for the body conditioners if i’m honest… I’m not a huge fan of the ones that are their throughout the year. What products do you wish had returned? Ellie x


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