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Lush – Sleepy – does it really work?

I really struggle getting to sleep particularly on nights where i know i’m up early for work or uni – how typical. 

I think not being able to sleep is some kind of physiological problem of mine whenever i set my alarm, because i’m so worried i’ll not wake up. I don’t really struggle to fall asleep on weekends and days off.

I’ve tried numerous different things to make myself sleepy before bed including: listening to music, taking a bath, not using my phone in bed, listening to podcasts and reading in bed. Out of everything i have tried, i found listening to podcasts works the best, but it could still take me between 30 mins and an hour to fall asleep after i’ve shut my eyes.

When Lush released the product a while back, i was really dubious. I thought no way would a little bit of moisturiser help someone like me switch off my brain and fall asleep. But then i kept seeing reports on Facebook at how people with sleep problems such as insomnia are claiming Lush’s sleepy has ‘cured’ them…. So i thought i’d just give it ago.

Lush’s sleepy, what did i think?

I really didn’t think it was going to work, but i was open to trying it regardless just in case.

The first time i applied it was a night before work, a night where i usually would struggle to get to sleep. The next morning i was quite surprised to be woken by my alarm, i literally never sleep through the night, i’m always waking and checking the time just in case i’ve overslept. However, i just though it was pure luck and a complete one off.

The next night, again a night before work, i didn’t apply any to see whether falling asleep and sleeping throughout the night was a one off. Sure enough, i woke several times in the night to check the time. So, the next night i used sleepy again and i couldn’t believe that i fell asleep so quick and didn’t wake until my alarm woke me at 6.

I am beyond surprised that something so simple can help me sleep so well. I’m not saying it’s a miracle cure, i have woken in the nights when using sleepy, but i sleep soooo much better on average than when i don’t apply sleepy.

I apply a fairly thin layer to my arms, chest, neck and shoulders every night. I actually really like the smell, as i find lavender relaxing. I wouldn’t advise using this product if you didn’t like the smell of lavender as it is quite strong.

Lush sleepy does it really work

So if you struggle with falling asleep or you’re constantly waking up in the night like me then i’d definitely recommend you at least trying out this product. The good thing with Lush is you can ask for a sample to try out before you buy, meaning you don’t have to spend any money before you know you like the product.

Has Sleepy worked for you? I’d love to know your experience with sleepy, so leave me a comment below.


Ellie x

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