My top 5 Yankee Candles

Are you really a girl if you don’t have around 48876 candles in your room?

I actually find choosing a Yankee Candle a difficult job, there is just so many different ones to try so defining ‘the best Yankee Candles’ wasn’t easy…

Obviously this is a very subjective option but below i have listed my five favourite Yankee Candles and explained why they’re my favourite. There’s not really many candle smells i don’t like, so picking my top five was a struggle. It depends what the weather is like outside and what my mood is like as to what candle i light.

Top five in descending order:

Number 5: Pink Sands

This is one of my summer smells, it smells fresh and clean. It contains citrus and berries, which creates the fresh and fairly sweet smell which isn’t over powering. I find candles, if they’re too sweet, can be sickly.

Number 4: Clean Cotten

As the name kind of suggests this candle smells of clean laundry. It is definitely an ideal candle for the hallway or lounge, somewhere where guests will smell straight away because there’s nothing better than a fresh and clean smell when you enter someone’s home. This is for sure one of the candles i always ensure i have, if you haven’t tried/smelt this product before i would definitely recommend it! The smell is made up of white flowers and a hint of lemon.

Number 3: Christmas Cookie 

As you’ve probably guessed from the name this is from their Christmas range. When this candle is lit, it really makes the house smell of Christmas and Winter. It’s vanilla and holiday sugar cookies scented which i think smells very similar to cookie dough. So how could you not love it? This is by far my favourite Christmas candle.

Number 2: Lemon Lavender

This is the perfect spring time candle, i love lighting this after i’ve cleaned the house. It really makes the house smell so clean and fresh. It’s also perfect to light in your bedroom before bed because of the lavender. As the name give it away the candle contains lemon and lavender but also has hints of spices and vanilla.

Number 1: Midnight Jasmine

I absolutely love the smell of jasmine!! This candle makes the whole room feel so clean, but the smell is not too over powering at all. The candle contains jasmine, sweet honeysuckle and mandarin blossom. It was a tough call but i would have to say this candle is my favourite.

What is your favourite Yankee Candle? Have you tried any of my favourite five?


Ellie x

11 thoughts on “My top 5 Yankee Candles

  1. I adore Yankee candles! Their different scents are great and can really give a homey feel to your room. I definitely couldn’t list my top 5 because I think they all smell so good ~ but I’m loving the Sparkling Cinnamon one that I’ve been burning lately, that I got for Christmas! I haven’t tried any of the ones you’ve listed but I definitely want to check them out 😀

    The Invisible Child || https://theinvisiblechild.info/

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    1. Oooo i’ve never tried the Sparkling Cinnamon one from Yankee Candle, is it new or have i just never noticed it? It was difficult to narrow them down, i just thought of the ones i ALWAYS want to stock up on, however since writing this post i picked up a half price Christmas candle “snow in love” and omg that would of definitely made the list – i love it! Thanks for reading hunny x

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    1. Of course, just turn the candle the other way so you can’t see the label 😉 I was using ‘snow love’ on Sunday, so I’d go for it – I’m glad you like that one too it’s lovely isn’t it? Xx


  2. Christmas cookie is my absolute favourite, as well as snowflake cookie. I picked up two that I haven’t seen before from Tesco on Monday and they are lush! English pear and white grape AND Kiwi Melon. My home smells amazing! ❤ xx

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