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Primark’s Nudes collection – yes or no?

If you haven’t already tried Primark’s make up you seriously need to check it out! I have been beyond pleased with some of the products I’ve brought for only £1/£2/£3 such as lip kits, glitter, eyeliner etc.

This month (Feb 2018) Primark have released their brand new ‘Nude’ collection, which has been praised for being very similar to Kim K’s make up range but for the fraction of the price.

Primark nude beauty range

Matte eye palette

I brought the ‘girl code’ shade. For the price you get a matte eye shadow cream, eye liner and application brush.

I brought the product mainly for the matte eye shadow cream to use on days where i don’t want to make much effort but still want a little something on my eyes or as a base/primer for when i am doing my eye make up.

I’m actually really impressed with the product, especially for the price the colour is a beautiful pink shade and the eye liner applies so smoothly!

Price: £3!!

Rating: 4.7/5

The only downside i can think of about the product is that the eyeliner is very similar to a lip liner but then on the other hand if you wouldn’t want a pink eyeliner you could use it as a lip liner.


This product caught my eye in the store, it’s a convenient stick highlighter which is so easy to apply and you only need the smallest amount for the most beautiful pearly glow.

I’ve brought highlighter sticks before but i found myself rubbing over and over again for the slightest shine, which is the complete opposite to this product, you only need to glide once to see a difference on your skin.

I’m not a massive fan over the overpowering look but i still want some kind of shine, this product is perfect for me as it gives your skin the most beautiful dewy glow, i’m actually obsessed with it!

Primark £3 highligher

The photo above demonstrates the product after one glide across the skin – i personally like to rub the product in with the sponge application on the end of the product for a more natural glow.

Price: £3

Rating: 5/5

For the price and the beautiful glow you get from the smallest amount of product, i could not fault it at all!

So, yet again Primark have impressed me with their beauty products. Have you tried any of Primark’s make up? If so what’s your favourite product?


Ellie x


18 thoughts on “Primark’s Nudes collection – yes or no?

    1. I have quite sensitive too so I’m always worried about my cheeks because that’s where I seem to get the breakouts but so far the highlighter has been fine… maybe buy a little and try it out and then see how your skin is with it?


  1. Ooo am going to have to check these out next time I pop in to Primark, especially the highlighter! I’ve used their foundation stick before and was pleasantly surprised – it’s really similar to the maskeuo forever HD one.

    Love Rach xx

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I’d definitely recommend, I’m loving their new ‘nudes’ range… oooo I haven’t tried he foundation stick before, do you use it for contour or your actual foundation? Xx


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