Rimmel’s fake tan: love or loathe?

I don’t usually wear fake tan too often because i’m so conscious of looking streaky or orange and i hate the smell of fake tan. However, i’ve been going out a lot lately for friend’s birthdays and celebrations for finishing university and all my friends wear fake tan, so i either tan or look really pale!

I have previously tried lots of different fake tans in the past such as Fake Bake, St Tropez, St Moriz, Johnsons and L’oréal, some of which really aren’t cheap but unfortunately i just haven’t been completely happy with them.

Luckily, as i was ready to go and purchase a new fake tan, i was contacted to see whether i wanted to try Rimmel’s Sunshimmer Mousse and Rimmel’s Sunshimmer Instant Tan, which of course i agreed to, prior to the review i have used the products numerous times to ensure my opinions are fair and justifiable.

What i thought:

Wow! I was really impressed by both products, they applied really easily and because both products produce a colour straight away you can see if you’ve missed anywhere. The colour is a beautiful bronze, natural looking tan and not orange in any way!

Both the mousse and the instant tan actually smelt nice and quite floral, nothing like you’d expect a fake tan to smell, which is a huge bonus.

Both products dried super quick so you didn’t have to worry about smudging or getting the tan all over your clothes. I was super impressed of how both products did not stain my clothing or my bed sheets.

Rimmel London Influenster

The pictures above show my legs after only one application of Rimmel’s mousse and the instant tan, i didn’t feel like i needed to coat myself numerous times to get the colour i wanted but the same time the products can be built up really easily if you did wish to go darker.

However, i would DEFINITELY recommend wearing a mitt that is quite thick when applying the fake tan, particularly the instant one as it is liquid and can be so difficult to get off your hands, which can totally ruin the appearance of the tan’s natural look.

I really loved the way the products made my tan look so natural as you can see in the two photos below (left photo has no flash, right has flash), hilariously but unintentionally i’m pulling exactly the same pose in both photos, it must be my signature pose. But my tan looks super natural and not orange at all.

The products lasted nearly a week and a half even with me exfoliating my skin multiple times, the tan slowly faded without going patchy all over, which again is something that can really put me off fake tans.

Both products can be purchased from Superdrug the mousse was in shade ‘light matte’  and is currently £7.99 and the instant tan was in shade ‘light matte’ and can be purchased for £6.99. However, i spotted both products in my local Savers for £4.99, which is a little saving in comparison to Superdrug.

I don’t usually get the confidence boost with fake tan like you would a natural tan as i’m always self conscious that i’m orange or i have streaky lines, but i felt such a boost using Rimmel’s products and i got so many compliments from my friends about how good my tan looked, whereas usually we just laugh with each other about how orange we look.

So if you are searching for a fake tan that not only doesn’t have that typical fake tan smell but also applies easily and gives you a lovely, healthy glow, then i would definitely recommend trying Rimmel’s products. I’m so pleased that i’ve finally found a fake tan i’m happy with. Even though i was sent these products complimentary from Influenster, this is my honest opinion and i shall be purchasing both products once i’ve ran out.

What fake tans if any do you currently use, or have you being avoiding fake tan for the same reasons as me?


Ellie x

11 thoughts on “Rimmel’s fake tan: love or loathe?

  1. I’m super pale and always avoid fake tanning because I’m also afraid of the orange, streaky look and the biscuit smell! I have tried their instant tan but it’s the wash off version – I personally didn’t get on with this but I will definitely try others from the range! xx

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  2. I’m obsessed with fake tan! Have been for years! For the past 2 years I’ve been using Bondi sands, I use the ultra dark mousse for a while, as I love being really dark! I also used the Rimmel, whilst I went to Ireland a month ago, and I was really impressed with it as well! X

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      1. No it has a coconut smell, which is amazing!! It is more pricey than the Rinmel one though! X


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