Is Arm & Hammer Toothpaste Worth Trying?

Ensuring i have nice teeth is something i’ve always cared about and it’s one of the first things i notice about someone. I believe someone’s teeth says a lot about someone, therefore my dental hygiene is one of my biggest worries which may sound ridiculous but i’m constantly worrying whether i have bad breath or whether my teeth look like they’re yellow.

I try to stay away from drinking tea and coffee purely because they are known for causing your teeth to go yellow. However, there are a number of foods which can turn your teeth yellow too, with some of the worst being curry, tomato sauce, soy sauce, lemons and beetroot.

Unfortunately, i currently cannot afford to pay extortionate prices to have my teeth whitened, so i’m always eager to try new toothpastes trying to find the best on the market. I was so pleased, when i was sent three different toothpastes by Arm & Hammer complimentary to test and review.

I received:

  • Simply Natural
  • Charcoal White
  • Advance White

All three of the products are made with baking soda which is known for whitening teeth, the baking soda is the main unique point to Arm & Hammer which many other toothpaste brands don’t offer.

With all three different products having their own individual aims/unique selling points. I have used all three products for two weeks each to ensure i could give a fair and justifiable review on all products.

Charcoal White

WOW! This was the first toothpaste i tested and i saw a difference within two days, it definitely makes your teeth whiter. It removed the really difficult stains i had at the bottom of my teeth, next to my gums that other toothpastes i have used in the past just hadn’t removed.

Many reviews i had seen of the Charcoal White said that it had a really funny taste which i did not find, i think all toothpastes taste different but i definitely would not say that the Charcoal White tastes unpleasant, infact i liked it.

However, just a reminder to ensure you wash around the sink after use as i’m not sure what the dark colours would do to a sink if it wasn’t immediately removed.

I absolutely love this toothpaste and i will continue to buy the product once i run out.

Advance White

I really did think that the product did make my teeth whiter, i additionally like the fact that the product also gives your gums a deep clean whilst you’re brushing your teeth.

The product did have a nice taste although, i felt that if i had eaten something with a strong taste such as garlic and curry etc. i could still taste it after brushing my teeth. Even though i do use mouthwash afterwards, i do like toothpastes to give me a fresh taste in my mouth and unless i used a large amount of Advance White, i did not get a completely fresh taste.

Advanced White offers stain prevention shield, which i think is a brilliant idea however i cannot be sure whether it works or not.

Simply Natural

I love the fact that 96% of the ingredients are from completely natural origins. Plus, the product is also vegan friendly. I gave my neighbour, who is a vegan, a tube to try and she said it was much nicer tasting than the products she currently uses.

My breath felt fresh for ages and the toothpaste made my teeth feel so clean, which is top decision maker when i’m purchasing toothpaste.

Arm & Hammer Toothpaste review

The photo above was taken after i had completed the two week trial of each product, the colour of my teeth have 100% not been edited in any way (i pinky promise) but i am so impressed with how the stubborn yellow stains from my front teeth were removed after only a short amount of time of using the products.

Overall, i would definitely recommend Arm & Hammer products, i was pleasantly surprised at how low-priced the products are (normally £3 in Boots, however often on sale for only £1.50). I am 100% going to keep purchasing the toothpastes when i run out.

They also sell mini tubes which is great for when you are on holiday/away from home.

What do you use for your teeth? Will you be trying Arm & Hammer?


Ellie x

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