The best product for dry skin?

This Winter has been hell on my skin, it’s not even been that cold yet, but the skin on my face and hands are literally breaking with sore dry skin. I had been using sensitive shower gels and E45 on my skin but nothing was really helping.

However, i was lucky enough to receive a trail package of Cetaphil products just at the right time. I used the hand cream, as soon as i opened the box, holding so much hope that it would solve my breaking skin, but very dubious seen as E45 hadn’t helped at all!

But to my delight my skin breakages on hands healed within days, i then proceeded to use the other products i received which included night cream. body cream, face cream.

Previously to trying out these products, i hadn’t ever really heard of Cetaphil before, let alone ever considered purchasing but i’m so glad i got to try the products.

Some of the products are a little on the pricey side especially if you compare to normal hand creams and body lotions, but the brand is definitely worth trying!


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