I’m Ellie, i’m 21 and i’m currently studying Business Management at university whilst also working part time as a marketing executive.

I started blogging in the hope that i could turn my beauty and fashion obsession into something productive.

I have always suffered with bad facial skin and I am always searching for new beauty products and make-up to help me feel more confident – I cannot wait to share my tips with you all.

I’m a girl so naturally i’m always looking for new excuses to buy new clothes and treat myself. Undeniably, being a student, I love bargains in a sale. I will attempt to keep you all up to date with sale/bargains. I absolutely love food and find trying new places to eat really exciting! I also love adventures whether it be days out or travel experiences I will never forget.

All opinions expressed in my blog are my own and comments are always appreciated.

If you would like to contact/follow me you can find me here:


Ellie x


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