Caring for myself

New years resolutions…

I’m not really one for the “new year, new me”. However, i do have a few goals and there are some minor things that i have been wanting to change/thinking about changing for a while now. So i thought i may as well use the new year as an excuse to set them and really… Continue reading New years resolutions…

Mexican food

What i thought of Chimichanga…

I’m really into Mexican food at the moment but unfortunately where i live the only Mexican restaurant closeby is Chiquitos, which i’m not a massive fan of due to many poor experiences. So, whilst on my Christmas shopping trip to Telford, West Midlands i took the chance to try Chimichanga for the first time. What… Continue reading What i thought of Chimichanga…

Restaurant chain

Would i recommend Gourmet Burger Kitchen?

I’m a massive foodie. I pretty much love all kinds of food and i’m always trying new places, so if you have any recommendations for me please comment them below. On Thursday me and a friend, who i hadn’t seen in months, went shopping and to Gourmet Burger Kitchen (GBK). Prior to this visit i… Continue reading Would i recommend Gourmet Burger Kitchen?

Make-up products

An amazing deal – only at Debenhams

If you’re a Estee Lauder fan you’ll love this! It was actually by accident that i found this amazing offer in Debenhams whilst browsing the beauty section – so i thought i’d share it with you all, because who doesn’t love a free gift?

Skin products

What are the best Lush products?

A lush post – i know, how clichè… But i really have found some fantastic products recently from Lush that i want to share with you all! I have been using Lush for many years, mainly just the bath bombs, but it has only recently that i have looked into all the wonderful other products… Continue reading What are the best Lush products?

Make-up products

Is Estée Lauder Double Wear foundation worth it?

After seeing a huge mix of reviews i was really unsure of whether to purchase the Estée Lauder Double Wear foundation, because lets face it £31 is a lot of money for a bottle of foundation! I have really oily skin which is prone to breakouts. I have been using MAC studio fix foundation for years,… Continue reading Is Estée Lauder Double Wear foundation worth it?

Make-up products

Morphe eyeshadow palette HELP….

  <a href=””>Follow my blog with Bloglovin</a> Hi all – This isn’t a normal blog post i need your help. Due to the fact they do not sell Morphe eyeshadow palettes in shops i need advice in which the best palette to buy as there are soooooo many to choose from! I really appreciate all your… Continue reading Morphe eyeshadow palette HELP….