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My new favourite face mask

As i have mentioned before i really struggle with oily skin and continuous breakouts. So when i’m searching for a new product it often takes me a few tries of various different ones to find the perfect one to suit my skin. I have been searching for months to find the perfect face mask that… Continue reading My new favourite face mask


Lush and MAC best kept secret

The most important lesson being a student has taught me? To find as many bargains/offers as possible! Have you heard of ‘Back to MAC’ and ‘Lush 5 pot program’? I was surprised how so little people are aware of both the┬áthe two companies recycling schemes. Back to MAC By returning six MAC product packaging containers,… Continue reading Lush and MAC best kept secret


My favourite make-up products

My first ever blog post – how scary. I have always suffered with oily skin which is prone to breakouts, so I am constantly trying and testing new products in attempt to make myself feel more confident. It can be really disheartening when you just don’t feel pretty after spending ages on your make up!… Continue reading My favourite make-up products