Forest & Shore: Hallelujah Hair Oil Review

The cold weather has been causing my hair to feel so dry and lifeless and seriously lacking any kind of shine.

I have used a various number of different hair oils in the past such as L’Oreal, Moroccan Argan Oil and John Frieda etc. however, i’ve either not been a fan of the smell, it made my hair greasy or i just wasn’t a fan of the product overall.

Forest & Shore: Hallelujah Hair Oil Review

I’ve been using Forest & Shore’s Hair Oil, for the last two weeks. When i applied it for the first time, even thought it smelt amazing i thought it was going to make my hair so greasy BUT i brushed my hair and completely dried my hair, i was actually pleasantly surprised how shiny and beautifully soft my hair felt!

“The product uses natural indigence to restore damaged hair, repairing broken and brittle ends and leaving you silky and conditioned hair”


The product smells fantastic! It has a strong but not overpowering smell of lavender. However, you can’t really smell the hair oil once it has been applied and combed through.

There are a number of ways you can use the product. Once you have washed your hair and towel dried it. Apply a very small amount (1 or 2 drops) into your hands and then run your fingers through your hair then comb it through.

I prefer not to apply any product on my roots, as not only is my hair fairly healthy at the roots but i do not want to make my hair greasy. So i start to run my fingers through my hair around my ears and then comb it through.

Another way to use the product is to apply the hair oil into your scalp and hair by rubbing and combing the product before bed. Then once you wake up, wash your hair like you normally would. This really gives the oil chance to work deep into your scalp and hair in order to really restore healthy locks.

Personally, even though i really saw a difference in my hair the next day, i prefer to use the hair oil after the shower and not sleep with the product in my hair – purely out of preference.

One thing i discovered whilst using the product is when i washed my hair, towel dried, applied the hair oil to the middle/ends of my hair, rubbed it in and then partially dried my hair and went to bed, the next morning i woke to ‘beachy’ wavy hair (see photo below).


You can purchase the product directly from Forest & Shore’s website for £14 (100ml or £10 for 50ml) OR from Amazon for £15.99. So it’s worth while purchasing it directly from their website, in order to save yourself money. You can also use PayPal on Forest & Shore’s website.

I genuinely think this hair oil is going to last my ages, you need only the smallest amount of drops. Additionally, the product is NOT tested on animals, vegan friendly and 100% natural.

So i WOULD recommend this product.

Is there any hair oils you recommend? Or what products do you use to keep your hair super soft and shiny? I’d love to know, please comment them below.


Ellie x

2 thoughts on “Forest & Shore: Hallelujah Hair Oil Review

  1. This sounds like a good product! I haven’t tried any hair oils as I’ve always worried it will make my hair greasy. But since this hasn’t made yours greasy I might give it a go.. the ends of my hair need some help right now!! Xx

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