Lush and MAC best kept secret

The most important lesson being a student has taught me? To find as many bargains/offers as possible!

Have you heard of ‘Back to MAC’ and ‘Lush 5 pot program’? I was surprised how so little people are aware of both the the two companies recycling schemes.

Back to MAC

By returning six MAC product packaging containers, for example foundation bottle, empty lipstick or empty powder container, to a MAC counter or MAC online, you are given one free lipstick of your choice. Considering the lipsticks are £15.50, this is definitely something to bare in mind if you use MAC.


Lush 5 Pot Program

Similar to the Back to MAC scheme. If you bring five black pots (anything but sample pots) back into store you are given one free pot of face mask of your choice. Again definitely something to bare in mind!


Although both companies state the recycling program on their packaging, i was completely clueless! When i told my friends about the programs, stating that you can obtain free products from simply taking back used product packaging they were shocked they had no idea either.

It was only by luck that i found out about the back to MAC scheme, as i was stood behind a women bringing back empty containers, so with my curiosity went home and researched and found out about the scheme. Similarly in Lush, i got carried away buying all the beautiful products and i was so shocked at the till at the total cost, the cashier joked saying “at least you can get a free face mask with the empty pots” – obviously I asked her what she meant.

Personally I think both companies, particularly MAC could do more to promote the program, as the “back to MAC” labeling on the product packaging is so small you wouldn’t even notice it. At least with Lush it is a little more obvious. The schemes are such a good idea, not only are you helping the environment you are gaining a free product! What a win win situation! 

I hope this post has enlightened you to the schemes the two companies run, or did you already know about them? Maybe you’re not quite as oblivious as i evidently am. I have looked into finding more companies that run similar return schemes to obtain free products, but yet to find anymore – do you know of any?


Ellie x

10 thoughts on “Lush and MAC best kept secret

  1. Hey, I love your blog! I have a lush inspired blog and it would be amazing if you could read my recent Q and A blog post, or maybe even give it a like! Thanks so much x


  2. Great to meet you and I am looking forward to picking up lots more tips from your blog! I hadn’t heard of this and they have just opened a new Mac counter at my local John Lewis in Checks so I will be bearing this in mind ☺xx


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